Fast, accurate and safe Prick Test

A new way to do Prick Test

Pricki is a multiplatform application that assists the doctor in diagnosing the Prick Test. From a photo that can be captured by the application in the region where the test was applied, the AI ​​developed for the software can detect and analyze the formed papules.

The power of computing in medicine

Pricki meets the need for hospitals and clinics by integrating cloud computing into their processes. The diagnostic image of the Prick Test is performed through Artificial Intelligence, making its precision advanced compared to human analysis.

Agile interface for your Prick Tests

Access Pricki via smartphone, tablet, or desktop, all are platforms integrated to the cloud, and it is possible to access the information through various devices. Photos captured on the smartphone are also shared on other devices, just log in with your username and password.

Complementary Functions


Perform anamnesis directly on Pricki, if necessary, you can integrate it into the patient's medical report. The questions are editable and the medical professional can develop a personalized form, generating templates and using them according to the patient's profile and region.


Do not use paper and pen for your processes using the digital register available in Pricki itself, there are several types of registers available that make patient care more complete with relevant information and sharable reports.


The registration of allergens provides flexibility for units in different regions, enabling the assembly of allergen kits for each clinic. The allergens registered and selected for the test will appear in the report, along with the respective areas of papules identified.


Create alerts when running the Prick Test, eliminate the need for the clock or timer. With the stopwatch integrated into the application, the user can configure and adjust the desired time for the reaction of the punctures, which can be adjusted between 0 and 30 minutes.

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