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Digital transformation without complications.

Transformação Digital

Applied Digital Transformation

We transform ideas into reality, developing effective strategies that provide better performance in your business routine. We bring digital transformation to your business, offering a functional, economical and secure plan.

Complete Digital Transformation planning.

We plan digital integrations according to the purpose of your business, we develop a clear and objective strategy, using the most diverse tools to make the Digital Transformation true in your business.

Transformação Digital

Solutions Development

We have a multidisciplinary team to serve various projects and apply the values of the Agile Methodology. This integration makes software development a priority, allowing customers to experience the evolution of their products and services tangibly. Our development team is also prepared to respond quickly to the demands placed on the project, ensuring that the project has a fast and secure flow.

Digital Transformation in your business.

ITST understands how Digital Transformation is relevant and how your company can benefit from these innovations. Know some solutions:


Internet of Things

With IoT - Internet of Things technology, the experience of using its employees and customers comes to life.



All the Blockchain certainty applied to your company's internal processes, allowing more security and reliability in interactions.

Inteligência Artificial

Artificial intelligence

Multiply your company's rational capacity with AI - Artificial Intelligence, make routine services more practical.

App As A Service

App As A Service

The facility gives your business more freedom and agility. With AaaS (Application as a Service), you can complete your services from anywhere.

Transformação Digital


Take the lead in the digital market by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the customizable Bots / Chatbots service.

Transformação Digital

Cyber Security

Protect your environment from damage and keep your electronic data safe from interruptions and improper access.

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We specialize in infrastructure consulting, systems integration, mobile applications, SAP performance and Microsoft resources.
Our mission is to help you and your team realize the full potential of SAP solutions and bring innovative ideas to your business solutions.

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