Cloud Journey

Have platform, service, and infrastructure in one place.

Cloud Journey

Now count on ITST services for migration from SAP On Cloud. Get the full experience of a company that has been working as a SAP Partner for more than 10 years and takes the future On Cloud seriously, developing plans with the least complexity for your business.

What is Cloud Journey?

Every On Cloud migration begins with strategic planning that proves the project’s efficiency for your business. From strategy to administration, we analyze needs considering each stage of the On Cloud migration, always maintaining transparency with our customers about the project’s development and resulting in customized solutions for each type of demand.

Cloud Strategy

Elaboration of the hiring form, cloud architecture, and mainly the administration of the post-migration environment.

Cloud Advisor

Technical evaluation of the services offered to your company, certainly to facilitate the choice of supplier that fits your strategy.

Cloud Architecture

Landscape development, network topology, and guidance for practical improvements in performance and security.

Migration Assessment

On-Premises and Cloud systems assessment to provide analysis of your assets and business requirements for migration plans.

SAP On Cloud Migration

With the utmost attention to risk management, without interrupting your company's process routine.

Cloud Administration

Managing your ERP platform, as well as monitoring, so that your solutions continue to work full time.

Success case

SAP On Cloud Migration

Success Case: The cost savings of the SAP cloud infrastructure can be achieved when performed by a company specialized in SAP migration.

Supported by ITST, the retailer Bemol, from Manaus, mixes the digital transformation, successfully migrating 28 mission-critical SAP servers to the cloud.

To meet our customers’ expectations, the ITST SAP On Cloud project was mapped and customized according to Bemol’s current scenario. Many of the challenges were overcome, among them the performance of the database with terabytes in the cloud and latency

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