It's ITST 15 year birthday and
it's celebrating with a new brand.
We know that the best PERFORMANCE of SAP solution is a vital requirement for your business.
We strategically offer management, monitoring and infrastructure support.
Operational COST REDUCTION in SAP management.
We create SAP MOBILE APPS integrated to your business to accelerate activities and to innovate processes.
Orchestrate and control processes with performance and safety.
We turn IDEAS into INTEGRATED SAP solutions.
We help our client leverage BUSINESS and build more COLLABORATIVE environments.


Learn how to integrate business processes with mobile solutions and increase the staff productivity through new mobile tools.

Solutions Integration

Know  the critical business processes, understand potential bottlenecks, monitor the performance of these processes and optimize operation.

Performance Tuning

ITST’s commitment is to innovate the concept of Tuning in SAP solutions, resolve issues and optimize both infrastructure and application.

SAP Infrastructure

Getting the best out of SAP solutions depends on an architecture that seeks performance, security and high availability.

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Reasons to choose ITST

SAP Partnership

Excellence in the solutions delivered to SAP customers through processes and methods adhering to  the best practices in the market.

SAP COIL relationship

Encourages an environment of creation and co-innovation to the team of professionals that delivers the best in products and services.

SAP ICC Approvals

Certification process and technical validation of  ITST products and services with recognition and SAP quality.

ITST laboratory

Environment conducive to creativity of the teams developing applications integrated with SAP solutions and customer needs.

Technical training

Teams and leaders with expertise, competence and overview of the business and the client to do what needs to be done.

Certified professionals

Experienced and high potential professionals achieve the best results to provide the customer with expert quality.